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We have created this site to pay credit to :zoviet*france:.

As they are/were basically an anonymous entity for the greater part of their existence some of this information has never been widely available before.

The information for this site has been garnered from every source we could find and especially from the members of :zoviet*france: themselves.

We do encourage any others that have materials they would like to contribute (in whatever format) to drop us a note. As the greater part of the :zoviet*france: history predated the electronic media explosion, older materials are becoming increasingly hard to come by.

The site will keep growing as information is gathered and put together. It is hoped that this will become a useful resource for all those interested in :zoviet*france:.

Our thanks go out to Paolo di Paol, Andy Eardley, Lisa Hale, Peter Jensen, Ben Ponton, Mark Spybey, Robin Storey & Mark Warren for the incredible music and art that they've given to the world. You have been a major influence on music and in the manner it is now viewed.

The Edge
September 30, 2001

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