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(Red Rhino REDLP40) Dbl-LP
  • cover is two pieces of hard board tied together with red string
  • original recordings made in July 1983

side one

  1. track 1
  2. track 2

side two

  1. track 3
  2. track 4
  3. track 5

side three

  1. track 6

side four

  1. track 7
  2. track 8
Mohnomishe - vinyl
Discography (by year) or Discography (by title)
(in alphabetical order)
all tracks composed & performeded by Peter Jensen & Ben Ponton
produced by Peter Jensen, Ben Ponton & Robin Storey
concept by Ben Ponton
front cover artwork by Robin Storey
back cover artwork by Ben Ponton
label artwork by Peter Jensen


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