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Patina Pooling
(alt.vinyl av052cd) CD

  • originally released on vinyl by alt.vinyl, 2014
  • released as :zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
  • in hand folded laser etched 0.9 m distressed steel sleeve
  • includes colour insert, inner sleeve and two pieces of corrugated cardboard
Patina Pooling - compact disc
  1. Ice Falls
  2. Rye And Riband Mimicry
  3. By The Spring
  4. Mill Scale
  5. Slipping Disc: The Third Spline
  6. Kinesic Remnant 1987
  7. Kinesic Response
  8. Slipping Disc: The First Spline
  9. Enrobbed En Illio
  10. Lyra Reflected
  11. Replikammer
  12. Tri Siqnan
  13. Put Out In Silence
  14. Lyra Locked
  15. Angle Of Incidence
  16. One Hundred Tundra (K7 Damage)
  17. Lyra Turned
  18. Fire In The Snow
  19. Harps Head Road
  20. Kinesic Response 1971
  21. Whistledown Tunder
Discography (by year) or Discography (by title)
  • composed and played by :zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
  • design by :zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
  • mastered by Sam Grant at Blank Studios

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