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Shadow, Thief Of The Sun
(DOVentertainment DOVeCD66) CD

  • gatefold insert
  • original recordings made in April 1990
Shadow, Thief Of The Sun - CD
  1. yan. The Silver Gate
  2. tan. In My Secrecy I Was Real
  3. tithora. Feel The Warmth
  4. mithora. This Moment Obscure
  5. pim. A Democratic Smirk
  6. lethera. Come Infinite
  7. methera. Thin Air
  8. yethera. Cahl-yn-yan
  9. tehtera. Static Fields
  10. teck. Ciels Tenebreuse
Discography (by year) or Discography (by title)
(in alphabetical order)
all tracks composed by Robin Storey
produced by Ben Ponton & Robin Storey
artwork & design by Robin Storey


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