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Shouting At The Ground
(Charrm CHARRMCD12) CD

  • originally released on vinyl & CD by Red Rhino, 1987
  • multi fold out insert
  • original recordings made 3-5 April, 1987
Shouting At The Ground - CD version 2
  1. Smocking Erde
  2. Palace Of Ignitions
  3. Come To The Edge
  4. Revenue Of Fire
  5. Dybbuk
  6. Camino Real
  7. Stocc Blawers
  8. Fickle Whiatle, Hand Over Your Eyes
  9. Carole The Breedbate
  10. Marrch Dynamic
  11. Wind Thief
  12. Shamany Influence
  13. The Death Of Trees
Discography (by year) or Discography (by title)
(in alphabetical order)
all tracks composed & performed by Robin Storey
produced by Ben Ponton & Robin Storey
front cover & insert outside 2 artwork by Ben Ponton
all other artwork by Robin Storey

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